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      Business Segments


      Jubilant Pharma Limited is a global integrated pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures, sells and distributes a wide range of products and offers numerous manufacturing services to our customers across geographies…

      Life Science Ingredients

      Jubilant Life Sciences’ LSI business is an industry leading portfolio of high quality speciality intermediates, nutritional products and life science chemicals…

      Drug Discovery
      & Development Solutions

      Providing comprehensive drug discovery and development solutions through a collaborative partnership model…

      Indian Branded Pharmaceuticals

      India Branded Pharmaceuticals is Jubilant Life Sciences’ Indian venture offering a range of pharmaceutical products for the Indian Pharma Market…

      Share Prices

      • BSE LTP 447.20 +7.20 (+1.64%)

      • NSE LTP 448.00 +9.60 (+2.19%)

      Latest News


        The Board of Jubilant Life Sciences Limited, an integrated global pharmaceutical and life sciences company met today to approve financial results for the ...

      Latest News

      Jubilant Share Price

      • BSE LTP 447.20 +7.20 (+1.64%)

      • NSE LTP 448.00 +9.60 (+2.19%)

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