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      Hands Together Sanitizer


      “Introducing Jubilant’s in house range of Hand sanitizers – HANDS TOGETHER-Safe Hands Make a Safe World”.

      With a belief in a Safe World for Everyone, and with one of the largest distilleries in the country, Jubilant Life Sciences Limited has developed WHO Recommended Formulation: 80% Ethanol, 1.45% Glycerol and 0.125% Hydrogen Peroxide. We also have other variants with Ethanol as the base.

      With 99.99% kill strength of germs and bacteria ‘HANDS TOGETHER’ is poised to meet all your bulk requirements for hand hygiene and sanitization. It is manufactured as per FDA Drug Manufacturing License No.: 03 of 2015 and MH/PD/05/2020.

      We offer Bulk Customers a unique opportunity to partner with us for Relabelling and Repackaging for Retail.

      Available in Bulk Pack Sizes of 5L, 25L, and 200L. Other variants with Ethanol as the base are also available

      Come, join us to make a Safe World Together!

      For enquiries, specially related to bulk buying, write to us at sanitizer@jubl.com.