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          Business Segments

          Human Resource

          Jubilant Life Sciences is an organisation that provides complete freedom and support to its workforce to explore, discover and create new possibilities in the pharmaceutical domain.

          With around 8000 employees associated with our company we believe in being the workplace that is admired for its culture, strength and excellence. Our approach is to combine organisational objectives with organisational capabilities which is the most effective way to flourish in any system as it engages the workforce to the core.

          Jubilant adopts various HR methods aimed at productivity enhancement, employee retention and overall growth. This includes Talent Management and Succession Planning apart from other methods of enhancing workforce capabilities and building a strong team. We have launched our Leadership Framework which establishes a list of core behaviours that will drive leadership capabilities along with the values of the company. Our HR core processes in terms of Performance Management System (PMS) & Leadership Development is being used to institutionalise this process through a ‘360 feedback’ and ‘Development Centers’.

          In order enhance organisational effectiveness from the employee’s perspective, our initiatives have been countless. We also aim at establishing an integrated HRIS System to assess and improve employee engagement. We are in the process of implementing the PeopleSoft (HRIS) that will build a common platform for Performance Management System, Career Management & Succession Planning & Profiles Management globally. Employee feedback on the work environment and engagement is done through a sample survey once a year alongside a Gallup Survey once in 2 to 3 years. Our Rewards & Recognition policy that recognises performance and significant contribution through the ‘Chairmen’s Awards’ and ‘Applause’ is a part of the process.

          We are a signatory to the policy on CII Code of Conduct for affirmative action which reconfirms our commitment that equal opportunity in employment for all sections of society is a component of our growth and competitiveness.